H.E. Dr Anna Prinz Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany

The ‘David-Meets-Goliath’ series is an outstanding new initiative to further collaboration. Our governments strongly support collaborative start-up initiatives, as they help intensify and expand the bilateral cooperation in research, industry and innovation between our two countries.

Indeed, deepening bilateral cooperation in innovation and technology was part of the recommendations of the Australia-Germany Advisory Group (AGAG).

Notably, enhanced cooperation between Australian and German start-ups and companies as well as accelerators and incubators is a particular focus. To this end the Australian government as part of their National Innovation and Science Agenda has established a so-called Landing Pad for Australian start-ups in Berlin, one of Germany’s most attractive cities to start a young business.

If Germany, as one of the world’s most innovative and export-oriented nations, wants to stay at the forefront of innovation and development, it is important to promote international cooperation with and between companies, start-ups, investors, and research organisations worldwide.

We cannot achieve this without the support of established industry. Connection with companies and translation of young start-ups to market is not a simple task. Particularly successful are collaboration programs which offer an opportunity for start-ups to implement their ideas in a structured coaching process.

And this is our goal today: with the help of established firms, start-ups can achieve better market access, optimise business processes and improve product rollout. In return, established companies gain access to new, innovative ideas and solutions, benefit from start-up creativity and the coaching and training program, including innovative management methods and business intelligence.

We are very thankful to the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce without whom this international collaboration wouldn’t be possible. Networking is the key to further progress, so let’s start!

Hon Leanne Enoch MP, Member for Algester and Minister for Science, Innovation and the Digital Economy, Minister for Small Business

Welcome to the inaugural German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce ‘David meets Goliath’ event – where our brightest entrepreneurial minds are connected with big business and industry.

Our world is changing at an increasingly rapid rate, and the imperative to invent, improve and collaborate has never been greater.

That’s why we need a laser-sharp focus on our efforts to innovate and cultivate entrepreneurship in this state – because our future prosperity depends on it.

From day one, innovation has been at the heart of our government’s vision for the future – a future being shaped by our $420M whole-of-government Advance Queensland initiative.

Today’s event is an extension of that vision, and also highlights that our innovation ecosystem is made stronger when we are working together.

Collaboration is a key driver of innovation, and we know if Queenslanders are working together then they will be in the best position to grow their businesses and create more jobs.

So, we will continue to back you – our entrepreneurs and innovators.

We will continue to help connect business and industry to ensure our state is positioned as a leader in the new global economy. And we will do this together.

Because together, we can shape our state’s future, and do something truly great. Thank you for being a part of this journey with the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce. I hope you enjoy the event. Leeanne Enoch MP, Member for Algester and Minister for Science, Innovation and the Digital Economy, Minister
for Small Business.

Prof Michael Rosemann, Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany, Brisbane

I am pleased to welcome you to the first edition of our David meets Goliath (DmG) event series. The motivation for this series was to convert the dominating focus on disruption into a mindset of collaboration.
Access to start-ups might become as much a competitive advantage for large corporations as access to corporate assets becomes the much-needed fuel to transform a start-up into a scale-up.

With the DmG series, we intend to create a public forum for the creative and proactive exchange of ways for how Davids and Goliaths can best combine their asset bases for mutual benefits. Partnerships between large and emerging organisations are the essential accelerators that help us go beyond the single minded competitive viewpoint of ‘butchers and turkeys’.

As the Honorary Consul for the Federal Republic of Germany, I am passionate about making the most out of complementary assets towards the broader relationship between Australia and Germany.

‘David meets Goliath’ would not have come off the ground without the constructive collaboration with the Queensland Chapter of the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce and I am very grateful to their dedicated executive team.

Moreover, I thank the Bank of Queensland and River City Labs for stepping up as our inaugural David and Goliath. I value the ongoing support from Queensland Government and the thought leadership, frameworks, policies and initiatives offered to derive maximum and early value from today’s opportunity-rich environment.
Thanks also to Brokat Creative for being the contemporary media partner needed to make such an event a success story.

Please do enjoy tonights’ event and actively contribute to build much needed bridges between the many Davids and Goliaths we have here in Queensland and beyond.

Kristian Wolf, Executive Director German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Innovation and start-ups have quickly risen to the top of board agendas around the globe as companies of every size have had to deal with unprecedented changes to their industries driven by disruptive forces.

While start-ups are nothing new per se, their ability to disrupt highly entrenched industries with, what seemed to be, insurmountable barriers to entry, has only emerged in a relatively short span of years. Start-ups have quickly evolved from a side show to the main stage as established businesses are looking for ways to switch sides from being the disrupted to becoming disrupters.

We are delighted that our growing Queensland Chapter has been partnering with the German Honorary Consul to showcase the power of collaboration in our ‘David meets Goliath’ event series.

Alongside the Australian Landing Pad in Berlin, such events will help to open up Germany and its innovative “Mittelstand” companies to the Queensland start-up ecosystem.

Together with our partners, this area is of great interest for the Chamber members, not just in Queensland. And we continue to put the spotlight on different aspects of start-ups and collaboration with them as well as disruption of established businesses. The “David meets Goliath” event series offers a fantastic and insightful platform for this and has the potential to connect German and Australian innovation.

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