Round One |
26 July 2017

Topic | How to best build an ecosystem that facilitates mutually valuable partnerships between start-ups (Davids) and established organisations (Goliaths).

This statement summarised the entire motivation for the David meets Goliath series. Large, established organisations tend to investigate familiar territory in search of improvement potential; existing business models and hypotheses are often not questioned. Instead a focus on efficiency gained by addressing identified pain points consumes the main attention. No wonder that in this context ‘disruption’ as a threat has emerged. Disruptive innovation comes indeed out of the unknown and as such is often a surprise, a ‘black swan’ for established corporations.

Keynote Speakers

Donna Vinci

Bank of Queensland, GE – Enterprise Solutions, Chief Operations and Digital Information Officer

Aaron Birkby

CEO Start Up Catalyst and Entrepreneur in Residence at River City Labs

Paul Martyn

Deputy Director General, Strategy and Innovation, QLD Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation

With the 2017 Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on 3-5 November, there has never been easier access to hear from major technology customers in Australia and Germany as well as innovations and solutions from participating start-ups about the need to consider that disruptive technology impacts on all points of the value chain. Additionally, there will also be an on-site matchmaking session “Rapid Mingle”, offering QLD businesses a special discounted registration code.